Freight Forwarders

The Challenge

Work efficient in a Paper based industry where transparant communication with clients/partners is essential. Keep a good overview on you warehouse operations and meet raising expectations on high quality and fast deliveries.

The Solution

Manage your warehouse by capturing data on every step of the supply chain. Use real time communication to improve effiency!

Data analytics will help to make daily and long term management decisions.

Boost your efficiency

Warehouse Management

– Scan on Master – and House AWB to follow up and organise the cargo

Analyse how long it takes to handle cargo – Use data analytics for daily operations and to make decisions on long term.


– Set up automated emails to inform your partners/clients about the status of the cargo.

– Set up automated emals to optimize communciation between the warehouse and office.

Quality Label

Meet the growing quality demands of your customer. Use the extra data captured as a quality label to your customers.‚Äč