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Optimize your Quality Proces with the Sky Fresh app


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The Sky Fresh Web Platform is fully customizable by our customers. They can configure everything on their own. Creating users, checklists, real time notifications and custom reports has never been so easy!


Instruct your employees in the Sky Fresh App and let them collect smart data in real-time. Get instructions, complete checklists, take pictures, set timestamps and sign!


Make your own reports and communicate directly by sending them in real-time to your stakeholders. Monitor and set up KPI’s to analyse your processes.



Start managing your assets and products through a mobile app! Perform frequent machinery quality controls ‘online’ or quantify the quality of the manufactured goods. Get notified in real-time the moment quality is below limits or machinery asks for your attention! Document your goods in no time before they leave your site.


Configure Sky Fresh as you need, be your own architect! Setup your architecture in the Sky Fresh Web platform and use your own configurations to control your quality processes, workflows, or planning! Your employees will be instructed the way you decide. On top, keep an eye on all activities throughout the Web Platform and evaluate the outcome! Communicate and report in real-time about your activities towards your stakeholders! Do you want to integrate your quality data with external devices? No problem, let’s make IT happen!


Digitize the checklist workflow in your warehouse. Complete the checklist on a mobile device and start by scanning (Barcode/QR-tag), entering, or selecting a unique identifier. Select between the checklists you have created in Sky Fresh and start answering your questions one by one. No need to create reports, emails or analytics, everything is automated. You are the architect of all checklists and corresponding workflows. Let’s make your life easier!


Make sure you know what is going on with your shipments/deliveries, no matter if it is road, sea or air transport. Identify and control handover points by collecting information at the place and time you decide. Let operations follow up and react based on timestamps, statuses, and quality data. Make your follow up more robust by integrating with external devices. Automated temperature reports considering handover points are just one example..

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