Our goal is improving your supply chain


SKY FRESH® was developed based on the need to monitor and report the movements of perishables.

By tackling the problems of non-transparent communication, loss of time in data collection, insufficient operational know-how, no or inadequate temperature monitoring. SKY FRESH® offers ONE solution leading to optimized logistics and hence providing a better shelf life management.

SKY FRESH® is a web and app-based monitoring and lane validation tool that focusses on condition and time sensitive products.

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We help identifying the key control points in your lane, so you can follow-up the reliability of your supply chain partners and their compliance with the operating procedures. All the shipment data is represented in an accurate dashboard, which creates transparency and gives you real-time insight in your shipment. SKY FRESH® aims to guarantee the quality of your product throughout the supply chain, by proactively notify the different stakeholders, when some shipment parameters ask for your attention or corrective actions.